Why I CAN’T WAIT for the Super Bowl…….. ads.

Long before I dove into the crazy world of marketing, I was still that dork who yelled at everyone to shut up during the Super Bowl commercials. I wasn’t about to miss a thing! But this year, I think it’s going to be a little… different.

With so many brands releasing teasers and even their full ads weeks ahead of time, it takes away a bit of the excitement of Super Bowl ads. They’re being picked apart, analyzed and critiqued before they even hit the (four million dollar) big screen. So what’s the fun in watching?

It’s easy to become jaded by this instant-gratification world we live in. However I can honestly say that I’m more excited to watch Super Bowl ads this year more than any year before.

“But Emily, why?? Just Google them now!”

Hold your horses/puppies/babies/light beer/hot chicks – I did not say what about the ads I’m most excited for……..


I CANNOT WAIT to watch my Twitter feed!

For me, the most exciting part about the Super Bowl will not be watching the ads on the TV, but tweeting/re-tweeting about them with the millions of others watching. It’ll be like the biggest, booziest party, sooo what’s not to love…?

Not only will I be tweeting about them myself, but also seeing how brands, celebrities & others respond in real-time to the game, the ads & (of course) Katy Perry’s halftime show. It’s the biggest thrill when you notice something crazy, check Twitter (#SuperBowl2015), and see that a couple thousand others’ thought it was crazy too!

Okay, I sound like a total anti-social nerd, I know. I am going to an actual, real-life party too. And you can bet I’ll be throwing a few back, eating until I hate myself & socializing in real time with real people (if I have to…). But the thrill of real-time marketing will not elude me, you can bet on that.

Ahh, the world we live in.

If you want to connect on game day, check out @emilybertram3

& if you really want to give me the warm-fuzzies – let me know that you found me on my blog. It won’t go unnoticed, I promise!

P.S. I’m also really excited to take my first stab at baked Zucchini Fries for my Super Bowl appetizer (recipe via Health.com) – futile attempt at staying healthy on game day.

And as always, thanks for checkin’ what #EmilyFayeSays… (couldn’t resist) (#SocialNerd) (#MarketingGeek) (#DoneNow)

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