6 Traits of Ad Agency Folks

The ad-agency clique. We’re a quirky bunch. We’re all creatives at heart, but only some of us have the gift of bringing it to life (read: not me). We are not afraid to be daring. To take risks. We’re the guy at the party who is dancing like a maniac and everyone is embarrassed for him but he doesn’t notice because he’s just having a blast.

We’re the one guy at your Super Bowl party who yells at everyone to shut up during the commercials. We’re that one girl you follow on Twitter who uses branded hashtags in almost every tweet. We’re that loud group out for happy hour, drinking wine & craft beer, critiquing various logos & menu copy while checking our iPhones at 2 minute intervals.

We’re kind of a handful.

So if you too find yourself involved with one of our kind some day, here are 6 Traits of Ad Agency Folks.


We are on our phones a lot. I mean, everyone spends a lot of time on their phone, that’s for sure. But when I say a lot, I’m talking responding-to-a-tweet-at-3am-on-a-Tuesday-because-we-can’t-resist-a lot. Whether it’s staying active on social, responding to client requests, rushing to meet an impossible deadline, we are always connected.



We geek out on marketing & media strategies. This includes, but is not limited to: Super Bowl commercials, creative/effective hashtag use, well-executed pop-culture references in client advertising, viral trends that work well for brands, superior customer engagement, and beyond. We live for this shit, so don’t tease us.



We are risk-takers. We are always trying to push our clients to go one step further, to agree to the risqué cheeseburger ad, to promote a 24-hour social media contest/challenge, to get outside their comfort zone (and into ours). This translates to other areas of our life. We push ourselves and others around us to be daring – to take leaps of faith – to not be afraid to look silly.



We are inherently outgoing. Even the recluse creative has an extrovert hiding inside – it’s what we do. Our job is to connect with people – to craft messages, strategies, tactics etc. that get people to react in a certain way. So it only makes sense that we’re people-people (albeit some more overtly than others).



We don’t like to see others fail. At our core, we want everyone we work with, professionally or personally, to succeed. We always have our clients best interest in mind, and we carry that home with us to our families. Awards are fun & recognition is always nice, but in the end what we really care about is making others happy and successful.



We love to have fun. We can’t help it. For many of us, that’s why we chose this life. We enjoy the wacky. The outlandish. The modern. The unique.  We live and breath creativity, communication, and craziness. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

What do you think? Do you fit these traits? Did I miss anything? Share your thoughts by commenting on what #EmilyFayeSays

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