What Your Instagram Selfie Filter Says About You

“Selfies” have been around much longer than the word itself. For example, does anyone remember Myspace & the hours you spent taking pictures of yourself with your flip phone to get that ONE perfect shot for your profile that you could caption with & hearts;?

Orrr was that just me…?

Yes, selfies have been a thing (with our without a name) for quite a few years now. However, the selfie game changed significantly with the release of my favorite photo app: Instagram.

What’s better than a grainy, orange-y image overlay with enhanced contrast to hide your long-overdue hair color treatment and your  pale, acne-d skin? Nothing, that’s what.

But what do those different filters say about your self(ie)? I took a look at the Top Instagram Filters used and interestingly enough, the most common “filter” is having #NoFilter at all. However, that’s not to say the photo is not edited at all with one of the hundreds of other photo-editing apps available. You’re not foolin’ me!

But for the next 5 most popular IG filters, below are my (lighthearted) takes on what each means about its users.



If the majority of your selfies don the Earlybird filter, you’re a relatively chill person. You enjoy lattes, and probably have a cat (that you also Instagram with the Earlybird filter). You may listen to Jason Mraz & Jack Johnson, and you enjoy reading, gardening, and/or baking complicated pastries. You care about the environment, but that doesn’t mean you’re an activist or politically involved. Alcoholic beverage of choice: none.



Sup party girl (or guy). You like to go out late and stay out later. You probably wear designer everything with sequins, frequent Starbucks, and drive a Jetta. While you like to stay fit & eat well, you’re not about sharing your #Fitspiration or #FoodPorn with anyone. You like hip-hop & club music, enjoy watching Real World & Real Housewives of {insert town}, and don’t like waking up early. Alcoholic beverage of choice: cheap tequila or cheap vodka or cheap rum.



You post a lot of Instagram pictures, but not a lot of selfies. So when you do, you don’t want to look like a “typical” selfie poster, therefore you try to keep it toned-down. You’re easy going, and probably enjoy a mix of country and pop music. You like to be outdoors (hence why the majority of your IG pics are landscapes & animals) and you can’t stand being busy 24/7. You are probably older than 23 and claim to enjoy cooking, but secretly hate it. Alcoholic beverage of choice: sweet white wine or light beer.



If you selfie with Rise most often, you’re probably pretty artistic. Whether it’s painting, photography, jewelry making, pottery, music, or anything of the sort, you and your friends love it. You share your artwork on Instagram a lot, and your selfies are probably taken mid-craft (ie. whilst playing the flute, covered in paint, etc.) You are a free spirit and tend to post numerous pictures daily. When not busy being artsy, you hang out at locally owned coffee shops or thrift stores listening to indie music. Alcoholic beverage of choice: whiskey on the rocks or craft beer.



Everyone who follows you gripes about your fitness posts, but secretly wishes they were doing them also. You are a gym-junkie, a running-robot, a weight-lifting-warrior. All of your selfies are taken while sweaty, captioned with inspirational quotes about never giving up. When not posting glistening selfies, you’re sharing your latest #ProteinPacked recipes or your recently purchased (adorable) workout gear. Alcoholic beverage of choice: None while you’re training, but sometimes you indulge in a SkinnyGirl martini or a vodka-water.

ALL of the above selfies are actual pictures I posted on my IG (@emily1014) that used EACH of the filters! So that just goes to show, you probably won’t fit into just one of these descriptions. What do you think? Where do you fit?

I also found out that most of my selfies are posted with VALENCIA X-PRO II, using this AMAZING tool called IconoSquare. Check it out and share your most common filter!

& as always, thanks for checking out what #EmilyFayeSays!


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