Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Social

Out of all my friends & family members, I feel pretty confident in saying that I am the most addicted to social media. Actually, I guarantee it.

Allow me to explain myself.

As a marketing professional, it’s my job to stay up to date on the latest trends in digital marketing. The largest portion of this (or marketing strategies as a whole) is social media. I can’t help but learn about new techniques, tools and trends, because that knowledge only serves to benefit my clients and myself in my career.

But at times I find myself becoming self conscious for the depth and breadth with which I use social media. I love live tweeting events. I will not stop putting my vacation pictures on Facebook. I enjoy posting selfies on Instagram (cue #SorryNotSorry). But sometimes, I feel embarrassed by my “addiction”.

But when I really think about why I’m so hooked, I get really happy. Because guess what: social media is my passion. And guess what’s even better than that: I get to pursue my passion daily. AT WORK.

So if you must, mock my selfie. If you need to, complain about my numerous live-tweets.

But please:


 & that’s what #EmilyFayeSays!

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