6 Types of Businesses that NEED Pinterest

Pinterest is an intimidating beast for most companies. It takes time to build a following, and the payout isn’t always as quick as other avenues. However, there is a lot of potential return for the right business.

Given the surplus of women on Pinterest (80% of users, to be exact), there is a huge opportunity for relevant businesses to find success on the platform – and for little investment aside from time. The following infographic outlines who’s using Pinterest and how they’re spending their time on it. (via Huffington Post & Wishpond)


Looking at this you can see that the potential for brand success on Pinterest is huge. However, there are several industries that can really benefit from having an active presence on Pinterest.

Real Estate/Construction


One of the original Pinterest categories (and still one of the top categories) is Home, with 17.2% of all boards falling in this category. (source here) This encompasses home decor, home design, architecture, appliances, and more. And who better to share ideas, products and trends about that then realtors and construction companies! The key to success here is mostly in liking and repinning content from others. Liking specifically will notify the original pinner, thus opening a door for follows and connections.

Food Service/Production


Another very popular category on Pinterest is Food. Pinners are especially active with food-related pins when they include enticing pictures. The more appetizing it looks, the more it will get pinned and repinned! As a food manufacturer, distributor, or even restaurant/caterer, there is huge potential for promoting others’ recipes, food advice, appliances etc. as well as  your own. Just make sure that the images are high-quality! (For tips on taking great pictures for social media, check out this recent blog from Convince & Convert)

Anything Wedding Related


I’m finding it hard to resist saying duh here (whoops). With the majority of Pinterest users being women and the largest age-group on Pinterest (27.4% of users) being ages 25 to 34, if your business is remotely involved with weddings you need to be on Pinterest. This includes you, florists, bakers, wedding dress shops, craft stores, DJs, wedding planners, photographers, venues… the list goes on and on. And what should you be pinning? Anything and everything wedding related! Even if you’re a florist, you best be creating “Cake” boards and “Dress” boards and even “Color Schemes” boards – the more content you can create and/or share, the more followers you’ll gain.

Clothing & Beauty


The real potential for clothing & beauty suppliers here is the purchase power of Pinterest users. Linking directly to e-commerce sites via Pinterest will increase site traffic and likely sales, considering Pinterest referrals spend 70% more than those from other non-social sites. There is also a lot of opportunity for connecting with “How-To” beauty bloggers by repinning & liking their content. These are influential people who are potential spokespeople for your product – and they’re definitely active on Pinterest.



The beauty of Pinterest is that, like other social sites, it’s real-time. It follows trends, because the content is user-generate (or user shared, mostly). This is a fortunate trait for those in the fitness/wellness business, because if there were ever a time that being healthy was in style, it’s now. Pinterest users trust brands on Pinterest more than on any other social site, so there is some real opportunity to capitalize on that by providing relevant, helpful, effective health & wellness information to users. And with growth stats like over 10 million unique users per month, that’s a lot of users.



It’s becoming an increasing trend to share tips on childcare, education, and parenting on Pinterest. Given the audience of mostly women, this makes sense. If your company is involved with children in any way (daycare, child clothing retailer, education services, pediatrics, etc), you should be sharing your content and others’ on Pinterest. What do you share? Again – quantity is key here. Share parenting tips, child craft ideas, kid friendly recipes, learning tools for elementary teachers – anything that is potentially interesting to a parent.

& the more important thing to remember is…

…Pinterest takes time.

People don’t actively seek out brands as quickly on Pinterest as they do on Facebook or Twitter. But, if you’re posting high-quality, relevant information, you will gain traction and grow your Pinterest presence. And if you ever have any questions on how your brand should be handling Pinterest, I’m happy to help answer them.

Thanks for checking out what #EmilyFayeSays!

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