The value of strong company culture

I recently attended an educational luncheon conducted by the AdFed of Central MN called “Everything You Say & Do is a Commercial for your Brand.” (by Dan Day) Expecting it to be a presentation on client branding, I thought sure why not, and attended.

As it turned out, though, the presentation was less about client branding and more about company culture as it relates to brand. To quote Dan’s presentation: “True customer engagement is driven by brand-conscious employees who are themselves engaged.” To me, this means that to really succeed in activating your consumers, you need employees who truly understand and live your brand. This made me realize something about the company that I work for:

Flint Group totally rocks at this.

We all have really good understanding of what exactly it is we do here: “We do work that gets results.” We know that, while pretty creative is nice to look at, if it doesn’t accomplish a set goal then it’s useless. And we definitely know that we could throw money at a mass media calendar, but if we’re not strategic and customized in our approach, we might as well be flushing that money down the toilet. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver work that makes a difference.


The Flint Group mission statement.

Aside from our mission, we have some pretty amazing employees.

Flint employees are brand advocates. We genuinely love what we do, and we’re not afraid to share that with people. We want to brag about our awesome jobs. And while of course there are times when we’re at each others’ throats with deadlines, vague requests, client feedback etc., we are able to push past that if it means delivering success to the client. We live and breath Flint culture, because we totally understand it.

It’s the best job in the world, but somebody’s gotta do it.

How is your company doing in this area? Are your employees your brand advocates? Do they totally understand your brand, culture, mission and values?

Encouraging your employees to live your brand results in voluntary consumer engagement. When your employees understand your brand and your values 100%, they operate in a way that’s a positive reflection of your brand, and that will become apparent to your customers upon interaction.

So think about it – if your culture + your people = your brand (Brandtender), are you as an employee representing your company and brand in the best light? OR are you, as an employer, giving employees the tools they need to do so?

Employees are the most valuable marketing tool a company has. Don’t waste ’em.


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