The gift that keeps on giving

If you know me at all personally, you know that I’m the type of person who spends more time cuddling with the dogs and cats at a party than conversing with other humans. I’m an animal freak. I literally kiss my cat goodnight every night, and my family dog is my best friend.


So when I was contacted by a sprouting animal rescue organization in St. Cloud, MN, I was immediately interested. The best part? They were looking for someone to volunteer their time to manage their social media spaces. Um, yes, hello, where do I sign?

Thus begins my adventures with Grey Face Rescue & Retirement.

The only senior dog rescue in the state of Minnesota, Grey Face specializes in finding homes for dogs who are 7 years old or better and who are often faced with last-resort situations. We’ve saved a number of dogs off of 24 hour euthenasia lists, and turned shy, agressive pooches with unfortunate pasts into loving family dogs. We find hospice homes for dogs to live out their final days in. And we do it all thanks to the love, passion & drive of an amazing group of volunteers and foster families.

grey faces

Donating my time to Grey Face has been immensely rewarding on a number of levels. It’s an opportunity to help a startup. A startup that supports deserving old dogs. An opportunity to grow my social media skills. To meet other people with similar passions who I might not have otherwise met. A chance for me to expand my network. To learn about how non-profits work. To experiment with fundraising and event planning. I’m so thankful that I got involved with Grey Face, and I am excited to see this organization continue to grow.

It is in that spirit that I encourage you to find some way to donate your time. If you’re in the finance realm, find a nonprofit in need of some help with their incoming donations. If you’re a web developer, donate your time in improving someone deserving’s website who otherwise can’t afford it. If you’re in construction, consider donating your time to build or fix things for needy families. Charitable giving is not always about money. It’s about giving your time and skills – and that’s mutually beneficial.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season, and that you consider giving the gift of your time if you can. I promise, it will be a gift that keeps on giving.

P.S. Want to know more about Grey Face Rescue? Check out our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for regular updates. Want to be a foster or volunteer? Ask me how to get started!


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