Hello! My name is Emily Faye Bertram & I’m a marketing nerd from central Minnesota. If that’s not enough about me, then here’s a list of some Things I Love:

1. My husband Kyle

2. My cat Eleanor

3. My family & friends (cliche, yeah, yeah…)

4. My job as an account manager at an advertising agency

5. Social media, cell phones, & workout clothes

6. Crisp fall days, gentle old dogs, & mint chocolate chip ice cream

7. Reading cheesy romance novels & writing run-on sentences

8. A warm cup of Caribou Coffee before an early morning flight

9. Making soup, toasting marshmallows & baking NOTHING

10. Open car sunroofs, basically any genre of music (recorded after 1980), & taking pictures.

On this blog you’ll find a mix of career tips, marketing/social media news, personal updates, & the occasional creative writing piece.

I hope you enjoy what Emily Faye Says!

{ Follow for marketing news, Central MN happenings, and a plethora of cat pictures }

Twitter: @emilybertram3

Instagram: @emily1014

Facebook: Facebook.com/EmilyFayeSays

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