SMS Marketing Done Right

UNRELATED INTRO: I’m finding it increasingly amusing to document my own run-ins with various marketing tactics, and I hope that you find it interesting as well. I can’t help but laugh at myself every time I realize I’ve “fallen victim” to a marketing ploy. I feel that the least I can do is to share my experiences to prove that I’m fully aware that I’m a sucker. Anyway, on to the reason you’re here.


It all started with a text.

It was a Monday in mid-May, the sun was high and bright, and the hunger? It was real. I was on my lunch break, running errands with good intentions of securing a healthy lunch at a local Herbalife shake shop (that I’ve just so happened to have written about previously). Suddenly, my phone chimed.


  • Chipotle: “Treat your BF/GF/BFF to lunch with a BOGO. You can thank us later. [LINK] Expires 5/29 @ 11:59pm”
  • Me (thinking): “Huh. Too bad it’s already after noon, so most of my friends in town have already had lunch. Maybe another time, Chipotle.”

I continued on with my errands. After stopping at a fabric store to pick up a blue-jean button (since one of mine had fallen off, not at all related to my desire to eat healthier, okay, stop questioning me, whatever), I made my way to the shake shop. Upon walking up, I realized devastation: UNDER CONSTRUCTION. read the sign. No delicious, healthy shake for me today.

I weighed my other healthier options in town. Subway? Wasn’t really in the mood for a cheeseless, mayoless, soulless sandwich. Panera? Too far away to drive. Fast-food salad option? Not feelin’ wilted lettuce & soggy tomatoes today. Say screw it and get a burger somewhere? NO WAY I’M A GROWN WOMAN ON A DIET, HELLOOOO.

Then I remembered my phone in my pocket, and my brain began to reel. What if – now hear me out – I got not one, but TWO fajita bowls at Chipotle… FOR MYSELF. I know, crazy. But I could choose all the healthier options (brown rice, fajita veggies, chicken, and mild salsa, to be exact), and save the second one for lunch the next day…

Needless to say, decision = made.


Had I not just received that SMS coupon at the absolute perfect time, would I still have gone to Chipotle? Hard to say, but I’m guessing probably not. Fortunately, Chipotle had the healthier options I was looking for, too, otherwise I may have chosen elsewhere given my goals for the day. But the text was an absolute win for Chipotle (thanks to great timing & great understanding of their audience) and really an absolute win for me and my lack of hungry friends. Thank goodness for that.

SMS marketing is most effective when you know your audience, understand their expectations, and know what kind of incentives to offer. Chipotle did just that, and it earned them a $7.04 transaction and a very satisfied customer.

Want to delve deeper into SMS marketing and find out if it’s a good fit for your business? Here are a few good reads from my favorite blog, Convince & Convert, otherwise feel free to reach out to me and we can chat about it some more!



Cliché end-of-the-year blog post

It was during an #AdweekChat today that I realized something about New Year Resolutions: they’re not relevant. Okay, so resolving to “be a better person,” “spend less,” or “lose weight,” etc. are not bad things, but I feel like resolutions are more attainable when they’re tied to a concrete goal. And what is the Golden Rule of setting goals?


[[[If you’re not sure how to get started with that, this Elite Daily article does a good job of explaning why you should write your goals down, and how to go about doing it.]]]

Yes, I’ve decided to not only write my goals down, but to post them on my blog to hold myself accountable for achieving (or trying to achieve) them. Both personally and professionally relevant, here are my goals for 2016:


Start keeping and maintain a structured planner that outlines my daily duties (professional and personal) to help me stay organized and motivated.

I have a lot of specific work-related things in mind that I’d like to accomplish in 2016 (increasing my social media marketing knowledge, growing my clients revenues, increasing my community involvement, etc.) and this goal helps me work towards achieving all of them. My plan of attack:

  1. Buy a (super-cute) planner
  2. Start with 2 weeks of pre-planning as a test run, updating as I go
  3. Maintain daily planning for one month (February, 2016)
  4. Become a planning guru and be crowned the Queen of Organization (haha) (no) (maybe)


Work harder to live a healthy lifestyle (not just counting calories and running).

Counting calories has lead me to eating 100 calories of chocolate instead of 100 calories of fruit (same thing, right?), so I’d like to learn more about what I’m putting in my body. I’d also like to explore more exercises other than just cardio (running, biking, eliptical, etc.) I want to work my body in other ways, and see if maybe there’s a physical activity that I can sweat while doing and still actually not want to die (I’m looking at you, treadmill). I want to be just generally healthy.

  1. Sign up for a more all-inclusive diet plan (Weight Watchers, perhaps)
  2. Research and cook 1 week of really healthy, really delicious, really different food (not just steamed broccoli and chicken every night, always, forever and ever).
  3. Use my FitBit, actually.
  4. Document my successes and failures, good recipies and bad, fun exercies and not on a weekly basis.
  5. Try a fitness class or two, like yoga, pilates, BodyPump or Crossfit (hahahahaha jk)


Work really hard to succeed at something that I really love. 

I want to work really hard. I really admire boss-ass women, and I want to be one someday.  I’ve had some opportunities come up at work lately that I’m really excited about, doing something I’m really passionate about, but I need to prove that I want it. Prove that I’m willing to learn, put in the hours, and go above and beyond.

  1. Exceed expectation (vague to you, maybe, but I’ve got this one).
  2. Stay on track (ex. get off of personal social media accounts between 8 and 5, plz & thx)
  3. Use that damn planner.
  4. Shock & awe & conquer the world. Srsly.


Put myself first, for now.

As I enter my later-twenties, married for over 2 years now, I can’t help but start thinking about family. I do want to start a family someday, and I know my husband does as well, but I need to remind myself to not be in such a hurry. Those things will come in due time, and they’ll be there FORr-EV-VERR (cue Sandlot kid’s voice). I need to be selfish right now, and put my needs first. I need to do things that I won’t be able to do later in life. Because I don’t want to have any regrets.

  1. Travel to NYC, take a roadtrip West, and plan 7 different/exciting/new local outings throughout the year.
  2. Don’t be a grandma. Go out with friends. Have one too many drinks. Just not 5 too many.
  3. Join a summer volleyball league – even if it’s with strangers.
  4. Take way too many selfies, appologize for none of them.
  5. In fact, appologize for nothing. (except if you spill red wine on a stranger or accidentally break a friend’s antique vase, then grovel).
  6. Blog more. Oh, hey 🙂

Are you still awake? Did you make it this far? Bravo! Now you know EXACTLY what I’ll be doing for the next 12 months, right?


That’s one more thing I want to mention about goals, especially to other millennials out there who think they need to get their shit together, like, yesterday. It’s obviously a good, positive thing to set goals for yourself, and you should push yourself to achieve them. But, if in between crossing off items from  your to-do list, life happens – don’t stress. Goals are meant to help you aspire to something greater, not to determine if you’re a failure. Just keep that in mind as you go in to the new year 🙂

And I just want to say a HUGE thank you to any of you who read this or any other of my #EmilyFayeSays blog posts. It means a lot to me to see that people actually check me out (heyyy), and I hope I’ve been able to help you learn, grow, laugh or smile in some way this year. Best wishes for you and yours in 2016 – See you next year!